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Mathematics Education

LEVEL 4      Grades 5 & 6

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Hello and welcome to Mathematics Education Website!


In this website you will find maths worksheets, maths quizzes, maths games and maths activities, generally for grades 5 and 6 students, which will hopefully improve your mathematical skills.

This website mainly concentrates on decimals, fractions, measurement, percentages and statistics.


The aim of this website is to enhance students mathematical skills and to give them the opportunity to learn mathematics in an interactive and enjoyable way!

This website also aims to further develop students understanding of mathematics.


Mathematics is one of the most powerful and useful divisions of human knowledge.

Mathematics is the gateway to engineering and all scientific and technology fields.

But we also use mathematics in everyday life, even for such simple tasks such as telling the time or counting money.


Many children today avoid the study of maths, probably because they are bored or fearful or they believe that maths is not important. Maybe they are just not interested. You can improve the children’s performance and learning in maths by making maths more fun and enjoyable in the classroom.

Children will seek to learn more and may be able to learn at a quicker pace if they are interested in the topic and if they are enjoying the topic.  


This educational website was created to introduce maths to level 4 students in a fun and practical way. This website aims to increase children’s knowledge in mathematics and to help motivate the students to learn maths. This website will teach the mathematics that children ought to learn which involves numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimals, fractions, measurement, percentages, statistics.


This website also aims to teach children basic computer skills and navigational skills and also to help the children improve their reading.


Another aim of this website is to make children more confident and comfortable with the mathematics they are using and contains mathematics that is appropriate for level 4 students.

 This website also includes computer maths games (educational games) and maths activities and worksheets to help children enrich their mathematical and computational skills.


Computer maths games and activities help children to grasp the concepts and basics of mathematics and also enhances their computer skills at the same time. There are also several poems on this site involving maths and numbers as well as a timestable chart with 1x to 12x tables.


I hope you benefit from this website and I hope you enjoy inspecting my website.


Thankyou for visiting my website.




Teachers Page Maths Quizzes Worksheets Activities Feedback