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Maths Poems

Below are some maths poems and number poems         I hope you enjoy reading them

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One, two, buckle my shoe;

Three, four, knock at the door;

Five, six, pick up sticks;

Seven, eight, lay them straight;

Nine, ten, a big fat hen.


Seven blackbirds in a tree,

Count them and see what they be.

One for sorrow,

Two for joy,

Three for a girl,

Four for a boy,

Five for silver,

Six for gold,

Seven for a secret

That's never been told.



Once I caught a fish alive;


Then I let it go again.


One for anger,

Two for mirth,

Three for a wedding,

Four for a birth,

Five for rich,

Six for poor,

Seven for a witch,

I can tell you no more.



Mary at the cottage door


Eating cherries off a plate.


One for the money,

And two for the show,

Three to make ready,

And for to go.


One to make ready,

And two to prepare;

Good luck to the rider,

And away goes the mare.


Maths, Maths
by Lisa G.

Maths, maths it's OK,
You can do it every day,
Times tables, adds and pluses too,
Hey everybody, it's for you.

Maths, times four that's the best.
Come on then don't miss the test,
In the classroom pick up a pen
Then you can begin again.


The Best
by Kelly W.

Maths, maths, maths is the best,
It's better than all the rest,
Come on let me hear you cheer,
'We want maths and we want it here!'


Ten Fingers

If I didn't have 10 fingers,
I couldn't count to 10...

If I didn't have 10 fingers,
Just what would I do then???

Could I figure out 4 plus 5?
Or 6 minus 1 or 2?
Could I do any math without my fingers?
I couldn't, how about you?
I use them to count up or down,
And I use them to eat peach pie,

I use those handy fingers,
Like stars use the night time sky!!!
I use them to count,
The easiest things,
Like 1 added to 1 or 2...
Those trusty fingers are always around,
And without them I'd feel so blue...
My teacher can't understand,
They're my own personal number line,
She wants me to memorize things,
That my fingers can figure out fine...
Yeah, I use them to solve the easiest things,
Things I can do in my head,
But if teacher doesn't want me to use 10 fingers,
Perhaps I'll use my 10 toes instead...


Maths is Great
by David H. & Nathan D.

David thinks maths is great,
Itís design he really hates.
Nathan thinks maths is cool,
Thatís why he really comes to school


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